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Welcome to Brisbane’s trusted allied health team located in Toowong, Bardon and Holland Park

Performance Physio Fitness Health is dedicated to helping you achieve long term
solutions to injury, pain and fitness. We are committed and experienced
professionals with a contemporary hands-on and exercise-based approach.




Commitment and Experience

Whether you an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just want to be strong and pain free, our injury treatment and rehabilitation techniques will help you be at your best.

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Trackactive Software

Every client gets access to our smart phone based software, allowing our practitioners to prescribe and track individualised injury rehabilitation programs, including videos and photo’s, straight to our clients smart phone’s. Its the future of individualised injury rehabilitation.

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Our Programs

We have a range of successful rehabilitation programs tailored for specific injuries and conditions all designed to optimise your recovery.

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Our Services



Having over 15 years experience and working around the world with clients from 8 to 80 years of age and from professional athletes, dancers and to those just wanting to move pain free. We can treat what ever problem you may present with.


Remedial Massage

Our remedial massage therapists are highly trained and are passionate about helping you. They have experience in elite sport and performing arts through to chronic conditions and apply their wide range of techniques to suit your needs.



Podiatry can help patients of all age groups and ability levels. Whether you are an athlete looking to smash your PB or you are just wanting to get back into regular activity pain free, a Podiatrist may be able to assist you towards achieving your goals.


Exercise Physiology

Performance Physio Fitness Health runs a sport specific athletic development program. This is an opportunity for young athletes to learn how to safely build an athletic, injury free body and prepare physically for competition.


Womens Health

Womens health encompasses both pre and post natal care. Our goal is to help women progress through their pregnancy as well as following their progress after giving birth and assist in recovery. There is no time limit to post natal care – you can be of any age!


Pilates Rehabilitation

We provide 1-on-1 clinical reformer pilates for injury rehabilitation, general well-being and sporting performance. This helps to develop muscle strength and endurance, improve flexibility, balance and posture and improves the body’s ability to move.


Musculoskeletal Screening

Prevent injury, enhance performance and determine readiness for training. We equip the athlete with a program they can do regularly that is specific to them and helps them maintain and improve their body.


Athletic Development

Tennis is no longer a sport where being a good athlete is a maybe, its a necessity. Our tennis athlete development team has experience training numerous top 100 ATP ranked tennis players and helping them compete at the height of their potential.


Physical Performance Testing

Physical performance testing is a critical part of a successful athletic development program. All athletes will receive their individual results as well as comparative analysis to elite athletes and age benchmarks.

Meet The Team

Sean Fyfe

Head Physiotherapist Toowong

Dalibor Bendzala

Head Physiotherapist Bardon

Ranveer Atwal

Senior Physiotherapist

James Masters


Emma Sartor


Chris Hopkins

Exercise Physiologist

Matt Gow

Remedial Massage Therapist

Latest News

Society’s Lazy Glutes . . . The consequence of sitting all day

Over the past 18 months, there has been a marked increase in the number of people presenting to the clinic with knee and lower back complaints. A variety of factors contributing to an individual’s injury or muscular imbalances. Yet a common theme among many of these clients is the lack of strength in their gluteal and trunk muscles. As a society, we are becoming weaker due the lack of awareness pertaining to position our bodies in a particular space. There is an increasing need to educate clients as to how they can improve; not only in the management of their…

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Working From Home Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the design of a workspace best suited to the individual user.  It is not a one size fits all approach and varies significantly from office workers to labourers and everyone in between. In addition to the layout of a desk space, ergonomics encompasses all aspects of health and safety thereby minimising the risk of injury in an environment. Safe Work Australia estimates the total economic cost from work related injury and illness is $60 Billion per annum, making appropriate ergonomic set up a worthwhile investment for both individuals and employers. In hand with the rise in the…

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Wrist injuries in golf

As golfers we often hear of the typical injuries. Injuries of the elbows, forearms, lower back or lead hip. One injury that we are seeing of increasing frequency in golfers is to the lead wrist, meaning for a right handed golfer, your left wrist. Upon further questioning of an injured player it often follows hitting a ball with unexpected opposing force to the wrist at impact. This is often experienced by hitting a shot ‘fat’, out of some very thick rough or hitting an unexpected tree root when hitting out of the rough. This injury often allows you to play…

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