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Society’s Lazy Glutes . . . The consequence of sitting all day

Over the past 18 months, there has been a marked increase in the number of people presenting to the clinic with knee and lower back complaints. A variety of factors contributing to an individual’s injury or muscular imbalances. Yet a common theme among many of these clients is the lack of strength in their gluteal and trunk muscles. As a society, we are becoming weaker due the lack of awareness pertaining to position our bodies in a particular space. There is an increasing need to educate clients as to how they can improve; not only in the management of their symptoms, but also their function and become ‘pain free’. 

Another factor of consideration the level of strength a person requires which is dependant on their desired level of activity/sport.  The needs of an individual with a sore knee with the aim of a pain free walk every afternoon for 30 minutes and the occasional round of golf is different to an individual who wants to play touch football, tennis, volleyball twice a week and then fit a gym session or two. The level of strength these individuals require is completely different.

In summation, as a society we are becoming inherently weak through our hip and trunk regions. If your fitness regime is currently limited & you don’t attend the gym regularly,  currently, please consider your knees and/or back health and long term quality of life. Once or preferably twice per week do some simple exercises that will take you 10-15 minutes maximum. For further education or technique supervision,  make an appointment with your local health professional.

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