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We are the allied health team to assist you in caring for the minds & bodies of your patients during this challenging time.

Evidence indicates exercise has positive impacts on mental health. We are here to help clients manage their bodies and maintain exercise thereby improving their mental well-being. Our focus is on guiding patients through the current situation we are facing as COVID-19 develops in Australia.

In response to the deepening crisis our team can provide:

- Medicare rebate only – NO GAP payments
- Full telehealth service available through Zoom Video Conferencing Software.
- Access to Trackactive exercise management software with videos and pictures, in-built patient communication tool and progress tracking.
- Patient access to mindfulness exercises to promote qualities such as emotional fitness, self-awareness and calmness.
- Integrated team approach


Psychologist – Dr Anthony Ross

Exercise Physiologists – Scott de Wever, Chris Hopkins

Physiotherapists – Sean Fyfe, Dalibor Bendzala, Lauren Tyberek

Dietician – Kirrily Tutt

Podiatrist – Joel Lindner