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My Favourite Advanced Trunk Endurance Exercises.

To be a great coach they say you need to be a great thief.  Or in other you need to be a very keen observer of what is going on around you and willing to snap up good ideas and training strategies at any chance possible.  I think this is absolutely true for not just coaching, strength and conditioning but also physio. I have been lucky enough to travel the world working in professional sport and I have always been on the look at.  Here are some my favourite advanced trunk endurance exercises, some of which I developed and some…

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Going Beyond Just Trunk Endurance

As far as injury prevention goes, we talk a lot about trunk endurance. And rightly so as the is evidence supporting the ability of the trunk muscles to perform for a long period of time and support the lumbar spine, pelvis and hips to prevent injury is positive and conclusive. But like any advancement of knowledge or practise, things need to be taken further. So what do we do with an athlete who has already achieved what we would consider a good level of trunk endurance with the common exercises at your disposal like planks, (front bridge) side plank (side…

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How I Define Core Stability And Classify Core Stability Exercises

What is “Core Stabilty”? This is a question that so many people will give you a different answer to.  No one is really right or wrong.  But what is important is that you work from a solid foundation of understanding about how the human neuromuscular skeletal system works.  It is also very helpful to have a framework and exercise classification system to use when approaching rehabilitation and athletic performance. I consider the “core” to have the following functions: Connect the lower to the upper body and ensure an efficient transfer of energy Provide the link between big powerful muscles to…

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