Want to swing pain free, improve your golf swing mechanics and score better?


Scott de Wever, our resident Exercise Physiologist and self confessed golf nut heads up our golf specific program; Scott's view towards golf / athletic development is injury provention is the key to driving success. He believes if you can keep an athlete injury free, this will allow the player to practice more often, compete more often, natural progression will then occur. However, working solely on sports specific performance i.e. hitting the ball further, will often result in more ball speed, but without the required injury management techniques you will likely incur injuries along the way, which often can be prevented with appropriate management and knowledge of how the athlete moves. Our golf program looks at 


(1) Screening 

Performance Physio delivers a holistic approach to golf development. Your initial consultation will include a golf specific screening encompassing the required physical components of the golf swing. From this screening we have an indication of how your body moves in relation to golf specific flexibility, lower body strength, trunk strength and upper body strength. This will then allow us to develop a structured program which will improve your weaknesses whilst maintaining or further devlelop your strengths. As you progress and your body adapts to the training stimulus, we re-visit the initial golf specific screening and assess your progression, this then allows for re-direction of training and accountability of the program having success. 


(2) Program Development

As qualified health professionals our main priority of any program is injury prevention and sustainability of the athlete / player. Any assymetries in the golf swing or player can often lead to chronic overloading of tissues within the body. This will direct our program and any required sports specific development will follow.  All development work will have a view towards injury prevention, often inturn injury prevention exercises allow people to play more often or practice more than that were preveiously able to, which results in improved play. 


(3) 1-on-1 training

If you're new to the gym environment or looking to take your game to another level we offer 1-on-1 training also. This will really allow for accurate implementation of your exercise needs and excellent progressiona dn adherance to the program. 


(4) Communication with coaches / allied health professioanls

We understand working with athletes also means working with their coach. We have great working relationships with various coaches all over south east QLD.  Having all members of the team working together is fundamental to the athletes long term success. 


(5) Recovery

Recovery is fundamental in allowing athletes to perform at their best. At Performance Physio we look at our athletes tournament schedules and look to develop periods of the year where players may need to adjust their workloads to ensure they are not over training or doing 'too much'. Over training or training when you have a slight 'niggle' is one of the biggest ways in turning a small problem into a large one. We monitor your workloads and ensure these types of injuries are minimised long term. 




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