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The Performance Physio, Fitness and Sports Difference comes from: 

Knowledge and Techniques

We bring knowledge and techniques from the world of elite athlete rehabilitation and training to all clients.

Your Complete Injury Picture

Through a detailed assessment of your injury and function we educate you on and develop your rehabilitation plan on a complete injury picture – we don’t just diagnose, we find the real root cause of your injury or pain.


We know what works. We have a proven track record of treatment and rehabilitation techniques developed over decades.


We pride ourselves on our teamwork and the unique integration of our skills. We bring to our practise a combination of precise reformer pilates rehabilitation, functional strength training, accurately progressed rehabilitation programs, world class soft tissue and joint mobility techniques, and the latest podiatry biomechanical analysis to help you get all the way back to where you need to be.

Care Factor

We care. We have played elite sport and still regularly play many sports. We have suffered serious injuries and know what it takes to get back and look after your body. We take great pride in using our skills in helping you get back to doing what you want to do.