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Physical performance testing is a critical part of a successful athletic development program.

1. Having an accurate measure of these qualities and therefore be able to gauge future improvement.

2. Providing comparative feedback results against elite athletes to see how they are tracking in their physical development.

3. Accurately identifying areas of weakness (ie left foot jumps versus right foot  jumps).

4. Testing and re-testing as an important source of motivation for athletes ongoing physical training.

5. Providing testing data important for specific programming of physical training.

All athletes will receive their individual results as well as comparative analysis to elite athletes and age benchmarks. In follow up testing, they will also receive comparative testing results to their past scores.

For testing we use the latest light gates from Fusion Sport, yard stick and a range of other equipment to get accurate and reproducible data.  The testing protocols are modified for each sport for specificity purposes and will focus on the following physical capabilities:

  • Speed
  • Agility/Change of direction
  • Leg power – Double and single leg, vertical and horizontal
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Upper body and trunk power
  • Core stability

Performance Physio Fitness Health runs testing days at Riverside Fitness as well as external testing days with teams, clubs, schools and coaches.