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The Axit strength testing system is the technology game-changer for the health and rehabilitation industry. Their push it, pull it and stomp it measuring plates and handles allow us to measure accurately your strength, power and stability output of almost any joint on the body. We are able to create and tailor a battery of test, specific for you and your goals, and objectively measure your progress throughout your training program. The real time feedback allows our practitioners to provide on the spot advice to achieve your goals quicker.

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AxIT Screenings

By incorporating the AxIT testing equipment in our screening tools, we are able to provide a more accurate assessment of clients strength, power, stability and body symmetry than before. The data from the testing equipment is transferred in real-time to a handheld device for immediate delivery of results to clients. This means no more waiting for results from practitioners before clients are able to begin their training/rehabilitation program. It is now common for an assessment and program delivery to occur in the same session, saving our clients time and money.

Pull It

The Pull It device is used to measure the strength and power of a variety of different joints through the human body, from knee strength to spine rotation strength. This miniature, but extremely powerful device allows us to assess and quantify dynamic movements in real-time to provide immediate feedback to our clients.

Push It

The Push It handheld dynomater allows our practitioners to performa hand help strength and power assessments, in a fraction of the time of previous tools, but with accuracy unparalleled by other tools. Data is transferred directly to a handheld device to allow realtime feedback to our clients.

Stomp It

The Stomp IT devices allows us to perform single and double limb assessments of both the lower and upper body. They provide us with whole new way of looking at the human body with information previous only available in elite sporting institutions and university biomechanics labs. We are able to identify strength and power imbalances, as well as identify areas requiring improvement for return to sport or return to pain free levels.

Athlete Musculoskeletal Screening

A musculoskeletal screening is performed with three aims:

1. Prevent injury

2. Enhance performance

3. Determine readiness for training

The screening assesses posture, flexibility, stability and assesses commonly injured areas in the athletes sport.

The information gathered in the screening leads to the development of two programs:

Body Management Flexibility – Stretching, self trigger pointing, self joint mobilisations, active range control.

Body Management Stability/Strength – Core stability, activation drills, scapula stability, rotator cuff strength, hip stability and balance.

The programs are both individualised and specific to the physical requirements of the athletes sport. For younger athletes from the age of ten years old, this program becomes the first step in their athletic development journey.


All of our screenings, testing and training sessions are run by accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists, meaning private health rebates are available for all sessions.

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