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Children and adolescents experience pain that requires an experienced physiotherapist assessment and management program. Our team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and podiatrists are skilled in developing teenagers within their chosen sports and helping their aspirations to an elite sporting pathway.

We have a special interest in the adolescent athlete. Applying a multidisciplinary approach through physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, podiatry and massage, the young athlete is able to be managed with all aspects of development covered.

Our physiotherapists have experienced working with elite athletes from all sports, primarily tennis, football, athletics, netball and dance.

At Performance Physio, each adolescent athlete receives 2 x individualised programs:

  • Strength & stability
  • Flexibility

These are interactive and used through software, whereby the child can see the photos, videos and repetitions of their exercises. Individualised injury management programs and screenings help to return the adolescent athlete back to competition sooner and give them the best chance of returning stronger than previous.

At Performance Physio, we communicate with coaches regularly to build a picture of the athlete and once recovered from injury, emphasise key areas for improvement + incorporate these into a management program. This is important not only for the short term development of the growing athlete, but also to prevent long term problems arising.

Childhood musculoskeletal pain usually occurs after a growth spurt or period of rapid growth. This type of pain is often aggravated by sporting activities or poor posture.

Muscle development in the right areas is crucial in this period to reinforce correct patterns or movement. Our physiotherapists will assess all areas appropriately and not place each child into a category of common conditions.

Teenage Strength and Conditioning & Lifting Weights

As the number of young athletes increases, they are being exposed to professional environments sooner. This means incorporating strength programs at a younger age. Resistance training can reduce the risk of sports-related injuries in adolescents. Current evidence states that appropriately supervised programs are safe and do not hinder growth and development in adolescents.

Most injuries relating to strength training is due to misuse of equipment, lifting weights that are too heavy, improper technique and not understanding how the exercises should be performed. Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists have a special interest in strength training and can teach exercises and lifting techniques to teenagers on a daily basis.