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Tennis is no longer a sport where being a good athlete is a maybe, its a necessity. Tennis performance requires a balance of strength, speed, agility, endurance and stability to allow players to reach the heights of their potential and avoid injury. Our tennis athlete development team has experience training numerous top 100 ATP ranked tennis players and helping them compete at the height of their potential.


Program Components

  1. Physiotherapy injury prevention Screening – The one on one screening assesses posture, flexibility, stability and assesses commonly injured areas in tennis.
  2. Individualised Prehabilitation Program – The information gathered in the screening leads to the development of an individualised Rehabilitation Program. This program includes stretching, self trigger pointing, self joint mobilisations, core stability exercises and other strengthening exercises.
  3. Individualised Training Program – All this information is then passed to our head tennis strength and conditioning coach, who prescribes a tennis specific strength and conditioning program for the athletes. This can be delivered face to face or remotely depending on the athletes needs.

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Tennis Specific Physical Performance Testing

We have developed a tennis specific battery of tests which accurately measure speed, agility/change of direction, upper body, trunk and leg power, Cardiovascular conditioning and Core stability. From this data we are able to easily identify what area’s an athletes needs improvement to progress in their career.

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Individualised Training Program

This entails our strength and conditioning coaches evaluating the athletes testing results and programming an individualised strength and conditioning program for them. This can entail weekly one on one sessions with the strength and conditioning coaches in the gym or on court, or monthly appointments to set up, review and progress the athletes through their program. Regular testing is completed to monitor the athletes progress and improvements.

Our Experience

Performance Physio Fitness & Health are leading tennis specialists with over 40 years of combined experience. We are the preferred physiotherapy & exercise physiology providers for several current Tennis Australia players & have worked with numerous players in the ATP top 100. Our experience with a variety of athletes ranging from 10-45yrs allows us to tailor make athletic development programs for each of our athletes to allow them to be at their best. Our coaches have a strong background in tennis coaching and playing at a national level. Allowing us to work with coaches to help understand what a player might be working on it their game, and working together to get the best outcomes for our athletes. We are able to provide tennis specific movement training, to help improve our juniors athletes speed and agility and tennis specific movement patterns which they may be struggling with in competition.

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The Adolescent Tennis Athlete

Due to the physical requirements of tennis at an elite level, injury risk in junior athletes is elevated.

Our beliefs are:
1. 11-15 Are crucial years of development for tennis players physically, athletically, psychologically and tactically.

2. Succumbing to injuries during these years can be detrimental to their advancement and can limit their ability to gain experiences that help make them the best player they can be.

3. Adolescents need to remain injury free and keep competing during these years to ensure optimal chances for experience in match play and game development.

We have strong focus on helping our junior athletes stay injury free during their development, whilst building on the strength & conditioning components required to compete at the elite level in the future. With our junior athletes we look to develop strength and movement fundamentals which will improve that will stay with them for life. Our program includes regular physiotherapy screenings to ensure their changing bodies are being regularly monitored.


If you want to take your game to the next level and work with one of Queensland’s leading team of tennis athlete development coaches looking after your contact us today.

All of our screenings, testing and training sessions are run by accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists, meaning private health rebates are available for all sessions.

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