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Our Exercise Physiology team are all university qualified accredited exercise physiologists, with over 10 years combined experience in private practice. They operate out of our Toowong and Bardon clinics and offers four types of services.

1. Injury and Surgery Rehabilitation

2. Fitness training – safe, including strengthening weak areas etc

3. Chronic Disease Exercise Management

4. Athletic Development

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Our Exercise Physiologists specialise in recovering from injury, surgery and improving chronic pain.

This is done by:
1. Activating chronically dormant stabilising muscles

2. Improving movement patterns

3. Strengthening weak areas

4. Improving flexibility

5. Prepare for you during late stage rehabilitation for your return to sport and exercise.

During your rehabilitation they can also help you cross train to maintain strength and fitness in all areas of your body while you are injured.

Fitness Training

When working out, it is important to pay close attention to key or weak areas and be progressed to achieve your fitness goals. Our exercise physiologists are able to safely prescribe fitness sessions and closely supervise technique to ensure clients are strengthening their whole bodies.

By using our intimate knowledge of your health goals, injury or health condition, our fitness training sessions can be designed to protect and strengthen injured areas, increase weight loss, improve strength gains, increase flexibility, improve core stability, attain postural improvement and achieve health benefits. Our fitness training is open to all clients not just those with injury concerns.

Technique and appropriate exercise progressions are ensured along with variety and training specific to your goals.


Chronic Disease Exercise Management

Research consistently demonstrates exercise is crucial in the successful management of chronic disease including cancer, diabetes, cardiac, neurological and metabolic diseases. Our exercise physiologists are university trained specialists in the prescription and supervision of exercise plans for patients with chronic disease.

We accept Enhanced Primary Care Plans with no gap to patients

Athletic Development

Our Exercise Physiologists run a sport specific athletic development program. This is an opportunity for young athletes to learn how to safely build an athletic, injury free body and prepare physically for competition. The program involves working with athletes on a regular basis to set-up complete sport specific physical training programs. The program begins with a musculoskeletal screening to identify past injuries, areas of weakness and to assess posture, flexibility and core stability.

For more information on athletic development training click here

For more information on athletic development training click here

Bone Health Classes

We are pleased to offer Bone Health Classes; designed & supervised by Exercise Physiologists for the prevention and management of osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteoarthritis.

Exercises aim to improve overall strength, balance and bone health whilst reducing falls risk.

Tailored Exercise Programs - individual programs under the guidance of Accredited Exercise Physiologists in a supervised group environment

Personalised Care - undergo an initial assessment to identify key areas for you to focus on

Health Care Rebate - private health insurance rebates are available

Available at Bardon & Holland Park Clinics

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