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The Performance Physio Fitness Health physiotherapy service is different to what you may have experienced before.

Thorough Initial Assessment

The initial assessment takes 45 minutes. The priority is to gain an accurate diagnosis and a complete clinical picture. The clinical picture involves understanding everything about why the injury occurred and how to fix it long term. To do this we need the time to assess losses in flexibility in the muscle system or joints, muscle weaknesses, incorrect patterns of muscle activation, incorrect training or exercise programs and biomechanical issues.

Hands on Treatment

Our treatment is hands on. We use contemporary treatment techniques including joint mobilisations, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial releasing and stretching techniques to alleviate pain and restore range of movement. We never treat more then one patient at a time, so when you’re at Performance PFH all of our attention and expertise is solely focused on you.

Specific and Progressed Exercise Programs

We devise individualised and injury specific exercise programs, taking the time to teach you exercises and progress them with increased resistance, repetitions and difficulty when your ready. The focus is on long term injury solutions and management. If you work out in the gym, we specialise in creating programs that help you achieve your fitness goals and look after your body long term.