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Pilates Rehabilitation on the Reformer helps to develop muscle strength and endurance, improve flexibility, balance and posture and improves the body’s ability to move efficiently during exercise and daily living activities. Reformer Pilates based exercise can range from gentle, low impact exercise to very high-level sports specific strengthening and motor control, meaning it is an effective stand-alone form of exercise or as part of a multi modal training program.

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Reformer Pilates can be a really great form of exercise for:

Sub-acute and Chronic injuries

Post surgical rehabilitation

Pre- and Post-natal

At Performance Physio Fitness and Health we provide 1-on-1 clinical reformer Pilates at our Bardon and Toowong clinics.

We also run clinical reformer Pilates classes with small numbers at our Toowong clinic.

Classes can be claimable on your Private Health Insurance.

Contact our team for further details!

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