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Why can I help you?

Olympic Sports Physiotherapist

I have 20 years experience and have worked around the world as a Sports Physiotherapist.  My clients include some of Australia’s top athletes.  I tailor my knowledge and skills to suit you.


Masters level Exercise Scientist

I am not a typical Physio.  What sets me apart from a normal Physio is that I have also completed a Masters degree in Exercise Science.  I combine my skills as a Sports Physiotherapist with the best of strength and conditioning to design specific strengthening and training programs for you.


Experienced Runner

After playing professional tennis, I took up running and triathlons and still compete to this day.  I have come in the Top 50 of the London Half Marathon and finish towards the top of my age group at Noosa Triathlon every year ……. I know running injuries and I have experienced what you are going through as a runner.

How can I help you?

There are 3 ways I can help you with your running:

1. Pre-running game plan

We start with an assessment including your running biomechanics, injury history, flexibility and strength. Then we develop a plan for you to start and build your running including a training program, strengthening exercises, pointers to help with your technique and key flexibility exercises. Even if you think you can’t run because you have been injured in the past, I can help.

2. Next level running

This is for anyone who already runs but wants to increase their running or become a better runner. I will help you improve your running efficiency, become stronger and more stable and train more without getting injured.

3. The fixer

I have a proven track record of helping so many clients overcome chronic running injuries and get back to running for life. There are so many things you can do to improve your body for running that you may have never been shown before. Most importantly, I cover all bases and produce a comprehensive program for you.