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Womens health encompasses both pre and post natal care 

  1. Prenatal care:Help you progress through pregnancy while maintaining your best level of strength and exercise in a safe environment.
  2. Postnatal care: Assist the recovery of the pelvic floor, help you return to exercise safely and achieve your fitness goals.
  3. Bladder incontinence: Help you regain control – for any age.

The goal is to help women progress through their pregnancy while maintaining their best level of strength and exercise in a safe environment. As well as this, we want to follow their progress after giving birth and assist the recovery of the pelvic floor, teach techniques to return to exercise safely and manage any issues or concerns that may have developed as a result of the pregnancy.

There is no time limit to post natal care- you can be of any age!

Women’s health doesn’t have to only be related to pregnancy (albeit is the most common). We are here to help if there may have been any other injury or trauma that may’ve affected someone’s bladder or pelvic floor and thereby affecting the quality of life.

Our Approach

We have a strong emphasis on education and exercise to get people back on track and improve their quality of life. We can help you comfortably leave your house without worrying about the closest toilet.

Depending on the situation we can us Real Time Ultrasound to image the bladder and pelvic floor without using any invasive procedures. This allows you to actually see how your muscles are working which gives you the feedback to improve.

We tailor the treatment to the individual and listen to their needs. We utilise the Pilates Reformer for a graded and safe return to exercise. As we work in a multidisciplinary team, we are able to liaise with the patient, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and your GP on you program and how to best benefit you!

How Our Services Are Structured

The first of these sessions is a thorough discussion of your history. From there we will aim to send you away with a few relevant techniques to try over the coming week. You may also be introduced to the Pilates reformer for some gentle strengthening and rehabilitation. At the end of each session you will be provided with a new series of exercises to perform over the coming week.

You can participate in “Our Safe Return to Exercise Program” which is run over 5 sessions. If you qualify for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan for your GP, they can allocate those 5 medicare funded sessions to Physiotherapy with no out of pocket expense. Otherwise you can utilise your private health insurance.